about the artist

I’m like many artists who have painted and created all types of art & craft since early childhood. But, in my early 40’s I abruptly stopped painting and closed my art studio. My children and I were coping with the terminal illness of my husband, their dad. I simply shut down, my sensory systems were on major overload! When he died in the summer of 1998, we were all broken hearted.

Years after the death of my husband, I married Lyle. Lyle gave us tremendous love and understanding.  As for my art, he supported and encouraged me to pick up the brush, open the paint tubes, and confidently apply the colors to the blank canvas. Together, we turned an extra room into my art studio, and after being gone from the world of art creation for 15 years, on May 5, 2012, I finally returned to the painting, and the art that I love so much.

It may be interesting to note that I use my natural clairvoyant and extra-sensory abilities with my art. Having said that, as I began to paint again, and rather unexpectedly, I felt like I had ‘help’. It wasn’t until the third painting that I knew something special (at least to me) was happening. Following each of my first six acrylic paintings in 2012, thought-provoking words and verse flowed effortlessly, which I quickly captured in writing.

I am grateful for these first paintings, and their verses that are a special gift from beings that love us unconditionally, fully understanding our plight as human beings on this planet. When I asked, “Who are you?” They aptly replied, “We are The Givers”. Soon after completing the first six paintings, and their corresponding verses, I authored and published a kindle book called “The Givers” to chronicle the work, and share the gifts of “The Givers”.

I see my style of art as visionary and expressionistic; and, I rarely paint with realism as my goal. I approach my art with energy, passion and especially with emotion. My art creates a feeling that awakens my spirit, and reinforces personal beliefs. It’s my hope that others will also be moved by my art with their own personal feelings of awareness, and well-being.

In 2016, I began to use the Tarahumara primitive drums as my canvas. As I paint, I feel a deep connection to an ancient and primitive way of life. Each one-of-a-kind drum (and drum beater) is hand-crafted using primitive tools in poor conditions. I, personally cherish all the imperfections, and feel that it adds to the uniqueness of each drum.

Love, a happy, grateful artist, Sharon