Heart Beat Drums ~ hand-painted primitive shaman drums


I’ve always loved the energy created by drumming, only recently did I begin painting my own visionary art work on all sorts of Mexican-Indian primitive drums and drum beaters……I hope you’ll love my heart-felt drum sets as much as I do.   ~Love, Sharon

What is Shamanic Drumming?

For thousands of years, most of the indigenous peoples of the Earth, including Native North Americans, have known drumming as a powerful spiritual tool and a form of prayer.

The ability of sound to induce meditative states was also well known to ancient Hindu and Buddhist cultures, which used rhythmic chanting, singing bowls and other methods to transcend ordinary consciousness, as well.

It has been said that the beat of the drum, as used to transport native peoples into shamanic states of consciousness, closely approximates the base resonant frequency of the Earth. It also connects us to the very first sound vibration we experienced while in our mother’s womb.

Only recently have the therapeutic effects of drumming become evident and popular. Many are discovering that drumming is not only a powerful meditation tool that lowers stress and blood pressure levels, but that it can also be used to tap into innate psychic abilities and effect cures. I wonder, as more people congregate to find that drumming is both a joyful and a beneficial method to calm the spirit and to focus healing energies, wouldn’t that have the potential of contributing to a more peaceful Earth.