What the heck is a Responsive Website?

ARTwithVISION.com has been live for a few years now.  Not too long ago, I discovered that my site might be frustrating those who ventured in via cell phone or other device.  Why? 

Because…..today we need websites that are


No, technology is not about to cut us a break! 

Voila!  Enter my newly update responsive website. 


If you’re like I was, you may need a better understanding of just what “responsive” means (in regard to websites, that is).  I’ve shared some basic information below thanks to google search and “Hoodzpah Design”

Excerpt from Hoodzpah Design Co., author: Amy Hood

Without getting too technical, a responsive website detects the device you’re using, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a giant desktop computer, and resizes itself to best fit that screen. Responsive websites are built in such a way that the scale and layout of the website elements can easily adjust, reformat, and even resize, according to the size of the screen accessing it. Users who view the site on large desktop monitors will see the site one way, while users who view the site on mobile device screens will see it another way – but no matter which device they use, it will be optimized for easy navigation and readability.

This is important because the increase in mobile web browsing has brought a wide variety of screens into play over the past few years. On larger screens, websites can display large quantities of text, detailed navigation menus, multiple distinct text columns and sidebars, and a variety of images. But try cramming all of that onto a mobile phone screen; The text won’t be readable, the navigation buttons will be too small to see or push, and the columns will be too narrow. Responsive design solves this problem.