What Elephant?

The Creative Process challenges me, but I can’t help myself; I must “make stuff”! I am not alone, all of my artistic friends, and creative family members know about this driving, inner force.

I am a creative, an artist, and creativity is tricky. So I thought it would be fun to share with you, how “The CREATIVE Process” works for me:


Hurray, I have a new idea, and I think that this new idea is a winner; Inspired to express myself in art form, I can’t wait to get it all on canvas, paper or to use another medium for my creative expression!

Next. . .

I bravely look at the blank canvas before me, as I begin another journey of artistic expression.  I try not to go too far, and to know when “enough is enough”.


I believe that all creatives are brave; An artist knows that they must have the courage to withstand artistic disappointments, and to be bold enough to experiment and take risks.  Art is not for sissies!


Oh NO!  I’ve gone too far, my art work is in jeopardy!  Painting’s a lot like prayer and meditation; if I get “in the way” the artistic flow is compromised.  It’s like a creative connection is lost, if only temporarily.


At this point I might actually say to myself, “Not only is this painting crap, I’m CRAP’! I may beat myself up a bit, “Why did I choose that color, or use a brush stroke that has cost me a spontaneous, emotionally charged shape or design?”

So, I’ve learned to stand back, then move away, and to take a “chill pill”, a break…..I leave the studio.

In 30 minutes, or sometimes even 24 hours, I return to my studio. Refreshed, I see a glimmer of promise before my eyes.


Now, as I stand before my former “disaster” I think; this isn’t so bad, it might even be ok! Yes, I believe I can salvage it. It’s not crap after all, and, of course, neither am I.


I breath deeply, and step back to get a better look; and then my paint-loaded brush touches the canvas with its final stroke.  Sometimes I smile and say, “This is Awesome.”

Jumping ahead, two or more weeks, and my art is now displayed; I might still decide that I don’t like it, or it might stand my “test of time” to remain an awesome piece of work.  I have discovered, though, just because I may not like a finished piece of art, it doesn’t mean someone won’t love it and tell me, “This is awesome”!

Art is tricky.

Creativity takes courage.