Full Circle

Two weeks in a row, I’ve attended a traditional church in my community.  I let the pastor know that I don’t consider myself a “fundamentalist”, (“been there, done that”), but rather a Meta-physician, Buddhist, who happens to have a heart for Jesus; And, I didn’t catch fire or turn to stone, when I attended Church two weeks ago.

Today, while Pastor was reading, I was making notations on a back page of my Bible.  With a deep sense of an awareness of the moment, I wrote, “I’ve come full circle.”  (more about that at the end).

Today was special!  Pastor read from Matthew, and I was filled with spiritual images as I absorbed the message.  So much, so, that I quickly scribbled down a request: Please sing “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; there’s something about that name…” and immediately handed it to the music director’s wife, and she handed it to her husband.  At the very moment the slip of paper left her hand, our Pastor began to sing.  Yes, he began to sing the same song that I’d scribbled out a moment before.  After the Pastor stopped singing, the music director smiled, handed the paper back to me, and said, “done.”  Tears were streaming down my face.

The service ended, so I gathered my belongings and stood up.  Suddenly, a complete stranger (a smiling, elderly woman) walked over to me.  She approached me like she knew me, and said, “It’s good to have you back, where have you been?”  I told her, “I’ve been full-circle” to where I am today.  We hugged, and she walked away.

I talked with my friend, after the service, to tell her about my spiritual experience. She said, “I was so surprised that he sang, he never does that!”  My friend is his Mother-In-Law.

I’m not a stranger to synchronicity and miracles, they’ve happened to me, and around me for most of my life.  But, during the past ten-plus years, I’ve been sidetracked about the need for community in my spiritual life.

Today was a SPECIAL DELIVERY, delivered right in my lap, so as not to mistake the message.  For me, without a doubt, Jesus, the Spirit, God, the Lord, Divine Order, Energy, whatever one chooses to name it is ALIVE and WELL!