Inspired Acrylic Painting - A gift of  "The Givers"
Inspired Acrylic Painting –
A gift of “The Givers”


 Witness to countless beings of light, 

they guide us in our cosmic search. 

(we’ve somehow lost each other).  

The beloved beings, envisioned here, 

lead us home to oneness. 

(joyful, as they splash away illusion). 

Notice this, a splendid locomotion, with watery expression, 

woman swirls and dances with her feminine emotion; 

while earthy man, of fragrant sandalwood,

stands clear and proud as he intensely watches.  

While in body, be our link to earth and sky, man and woman, 

to the place where there is no you, nor I.

The Givers, 2012
Painting by Sharon Gilbertson, the fifth of a series of six, inspired by The Givers.
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