“What memories are made of” Part 2

As you can see, I abandoned my blog with the last post on April 19, 2013.  Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen off your planet?  I rather feel that way, as I begin my Random Sparks post today, and return to my Internet family.  This post will not begin on a happy note, but I promise it will end on one!

Why aren’t I my happy, serendipitous self?  

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.24.19 PM

April included a trip to Reno, NV, to visit with my family.  Mom is progressing in Alzheimer’s, Dad just finished weeks of radiation for prostate cancer.  Mom did pretty good; those who know the disease understand its unpredictability.  Lyle and I arrived home with many treasures that were to be “mine”, someday.  “Someday” has clearly crept up on me.  Since Lyle and I drove our RV, we had additional space to bring many of those treasures home, which was bitter-sweet, to say the least.  Mom’s beloved “Ruby” statue is here, looking out our dining room window with crystals and stones all around her, just as Mom would want her.  

Between then and now, I’ve learned that my brother, who’ll be 50 in October, has prostate cancer.  In his case, it’s progressed to the point that he has opted for surgery at the end of this month, to remove the organ.  Come on, Dad and Bro, did ‘ya both have to do this in 2013?

Earlier today, I learned that one of our very good friends has liver cancer; it has spread, and now it’s terminal.

Through facebook, I’ve learned that many of my friends have lost beloved pets over the past two months.  Kara and Tisha each lost two dogs; their dogs passed within a month of each other.  It’s difficult to lose one beloved pet, but two?  Another one of my friends, Charisse, lost her beloved pet, unexpectedly.  And still, another friend, is getting ready to have her elderly cat put down.  There are many others who’ve had to “let go” recently.

2013 has brought with it more than the “usual” heart-break.  We’ve witnessed many colossal natural disasters, while others became newsworthy after committing horrendous acts against other human beings; all of this on U.S. soil.  Right or wrong, it seems to make it more difficult to hear and understand.  


I hope you haven’t given up on me, here!  Bouncing around in my head, like a scratch ball looking for a nearby pocket, my brain doesn’t comprehend.  But, my heart and soul cry out with this message:

DON’T WAIT!   May we all pay attention to the little nudges, promptings, or gut feelings that speak to us in soft voices.  Don’t wait to call that loved one, or friend.  Forgive someone, then forgive another, and another!  Remember that even if you feel “they” don’t deserve your forgiveness, YOU DESERVE IT!  Then, forgive yourself for everything.  Don’t drink poison, and expect the other person to die.  Let’s also remember this, each of us is a visitor here, and we are all just walking each other home.

Peace.  Sharon