2 steps forward, ____ steps back…


The journey of getting to YES, I DID IT!  

(I’d also like to add, “I won’t do it” might be the right non-step, as sometimes we need to walk away.)

This cute, motivating cartoon has caused me to ponder.  “Yes, I did it” is a great place to arrive, but during the journey, how many times have you  reached the next step and then found yourself taking 1, 2, even 3 steps back?  During times of challenge, heartache, and change, we may dance up and down the staircase numbers of times, before getting to the top.

I’ve done a 3-step “cha-cha” the past two weeks.  I’ve been up and down the staircase, except for the bottom step; for, I will do it, somehow.  I’ve moved back and forth between, “I want to do it” and “I’ll try to do it”.  Today, I’m committed to “I can do it”.  That’s progress.  How are you doing?

Love, sharon