Charlie said it.

526476_538532642854895_102734492_nAs children, many of us were led to believe that we “should” be humble, and love others, and that giving was somehow more honorable than receiving.

Unfortunately that also led us to believe that something was wrong with self-love.  That loving oneself was the same as having an inflated ego; that if we loved ourself, we must think that we are better than someone else; thus repelling others, who found our egotism annoying and unflattering.

Self-love is a grand step towards loving others more, it increases our tolerance of our differences. Self-love sets the standard for how we’ll love the people in our lives.  Self love is wholeness and balance.  And a quick note on receiving:  if it weren’t for receivers, there could be no givers.  “Love you neighbor, as thyself”     xoSharon