Secret Gardens

Grandmother's Secret Garden
from: Old Moss Woman’s Secret Garden

I dreamt about “my” garden last night.  Do you ever have dreams that seem like they go on all night long?  Dreams that, if you awaken and return to your sleep, the dream continues?

Within my garden dream, plants and flowers thrived, everywhere.  There were many hardy plants, higher up on the walls, that I’d forgotten about, but they were still green and growing.  All night long, it seemed, I walked about the foliage, sprinkling water on each one.

I’m cheerfully awake at my computer, feeling rested, and filled with enthusiasm.  The dream created in me, feelings of abundance, limitless-ness, and unstoppable growth and expansion.

Are you paying attention to your sleeping dreams, and to gifts of intuition and inspiration?  Do you follow your “gut instincts?”  ~  By “tuning in” to subtle energies, we expand ourselves; we begin to “understand” the world; we may better separate what’s important, and what is not; love and forgiveness seems more readily “available”; our inner light shines brighter, we are part of the change towards a more peaceful and thriving world.  

Your Transport to Amazon
Your Transport to Amazon
When I was a little girl, I had three favorite stories.  One of these stories was “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  If my Internet search is true, there have been seven movies made based on the book, two television series and two sequels.