Weary of YO-YO dieting?


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Weight loss, and weight management are huge topics, and clearly topics of frustration.  Lyle’s insights will not only explain the key to losing weight and keeping it off, but these same tools may solve other obstacles in your life.  

Regarding our weight:  Statistics have shown that if we carry more weight than our vital organs can manage, the prospect of living a full, long life is in jeopardy.

My husband, Lyle, recently published his book; you can find it on Amazon’s, Kindle, by clicking on the image below.  (also available in print)

About:  As a businessman with a lot of problem solving experience, and a person with weight issues, Lyle was frustrated by the “patchwork” approach taken by diet plans, exercise plans and specialty approaches offered for weight loss. Everything seemed as if it were trying to simply fix only part of the problem, some with exercise, others with diet, and still others with claims of “magic” pills or food combinations; it seemed like an endless list of short-term fixes.

Lyle knew that in business, problems must be fixed for the long-term, which meant determining why the problem existed, and customizing a solution for each individual situation. It’s with this simple, and powerful, business principle that this book attacks the real long-term issue of weight loss. This book gives simple and achievable solutions that work. If you’re really serious about achieving weight loss, you’ll love this unique approach for weight loss success.

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BookDaily.com:  http://www.bookdaily.com/book/3885371/unlock-the-secret-to-weight-loss-victory-stop-dumb-diets-eat-food-you-like