Creative=1; Messy=0




The rooms are a mess,
of this, I confess.
 Dirty dishes, stacked neatly,
on the counter, discreetly.
 But, the dishwasher’s clean, I’m happy to say;
today, it just might stay that way.
Even the laundry, is sprawling,
I look at it, yawning.
Creative expression is calling; 
poor dust bunnies sit, bawling.
Creativity, alas, it’s a messy job,
I sob;
Then, I sigh.
and wipe a tear from my eye.
Pulling up my “big girl” panties;
enough of these silly rantings.
Must I decide?  Must l abide?
 Clearly, creativity is on my side!
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(April 12, 2013 ~ Poem by, Sharon Gilbertson)