What if?


My daughter shared this “poster” on her facebook status today, it made me smile….a really BIG SMILE!

What if every single day you woke up, sat on the edge of your bed, stretched your arms and said aloud:  “I’m just sitting here on THE CORNER OF AWESOME AND BOMBDIGGITY”?  Are ya with me?

Currently, at my desk, and writing; I’m enjoying my open, office window (it’s 10 am, and the weather here, in Arizona, is perfect right now); My window is on my right, and looks out to our courtyard.  If that wasn’t bombdiggity enough, my bubbling, Buddha fountain draws birds to it every day.  Today, the first bird was pretty ragged looking, except for the deep, red coloring on the front part of his head and chest….he hung around for awhile.  Later, a hummer quenched his thirst.  If you look closely, you’ll see our “Bitsy”, one of our two beloved dogs.  Shelby’s laying at my feet now.  (we have KiKi-the-cat, too; but she’s hanging out in a sunny window elsewhere).


Let’s work together to make some Awesome BOMBDIGGITY…especially on the “hard days”.  Even one amazing thought of appreciation, one positive image, can carry you through.  No matter what your situation in life, this can work if you believe it.  

Hugs, Sharon