“I coulda been a contender…”

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I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.”  Lily Tomlin (actress, comedienne)

I’m not certain about the number of times I’ve said, “…just figuring out what I want to be when I grow up”; always spoken, tongue-in-check, and followed with a smile.  At last, I think I “get it”; I’ll never completely grow up.  I hope you won’t either!  Why?  Because, growing up is a process, a life-long development of who you are, and it IS the journey.

When we stop exploring and learning, when we think we’ve arrived at the destination, then it’s time to officially transport ourselves out of this earth journey, and head for our next “amazing adventure”.  For now, I’m simply doing more of what I believe to be the “good stuff”.

I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody.”  Are you familiar with this quote, does it sound familiar?  It’s a famous line spoken by Marlon Brando (co-star Rod Steiger) in his 1954 move, “On The Waterfront”.

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Love Ya to the moon and back, Sharon