The Human Condition

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A few years ago, my daughter took this photo of my mother and me.  Today, Mom’s progressing in the disease of  Alzheimer’s; each phone call to her is more unsettling, and painful.  And, my Dad, he’s just completed weeks of radiation treatment for prostate cancer.  She couldn’t “be there” emotionally for him, it was a road he traveled alone.  They still live together, over 50 years of marriage, and in the same community for more than 30 years.  I wish that I wasn’t so tense about driving up to see them this month.

Many of you know this feeling that I’m having, of total helplessness; when you realize you’re deep into the process of letting go of ones that you’ve held so close, and loved so much, for all of your life!  

In the background of this photo, is the superimposed image of my amazing Grandmother, who passed from our physical sight in 1984.  My beliefs and experiences have shown me that our loved ones never leave us, if “only” near in Spirit.  Surely she’s watching over her daughter, perhaps even more during these years of Mom’s progressing disease.  

Mom & Me ~ 1955 San Jose, Ca
Mom & Me ~ 1955
San Jose, Ca

As much as we all wish that life would go on without pain, without disappointment, it’s unavoidable, even for the most positive of people.  I think it’s meant to bring humankind close, inviting the opportunity to share empathy for one another’s journey, to ignite our oneness.  You and Me, we aren’t so different, even in the midst of what some would have us believe.  We are all apart of this great oneness, the Universe, the Family of Man, or by what ever name that you may call it.   

Is there something that I can help you with?  Would like more information about connecting spiritually with your loved ones who have passed?  I’ve written an affordable Kindle book to help you develop your inborn gift of psychic intuition; or perhaps you have an interest in a photo like the one above.  I’ve since used the image to place in a beautiful resin pendant.  Do you know someone who has recently lost a four-legged family member?  The jewelry is a wonderful, healing reminder of our love for them.