Oh Happy Day!

My third book is now on Kindle and also available as a full-color paperback edition.  (photo and link to Amazon Kindle below).

Some of you already know that I’ve returned to my life-long love of art and painting this past May.  During this time, I’ve enjoyed getting back to my roots.  You may have seen some of MyCafeArt work; happy and colorful images of coffee, tea (and diversity), it was with them in mind, that I began to explore making jewelry from my artwork.

It was with a lot of trial and error, but finally I began to explore 2-part resin and grew to love it!  My hope is that with this book, humorously written at times, and with a lot of detail, that I can help someone else avoid all of the “trial and error” I had in my first attempts with this medium.

It’s rather funny that I’ve waiting until now (almost 62 years of age) to being to write books, I’ve always wanted to do it!  Maybe you have surrounded yourself with books all of your life, just like me.  Julie Cameron, in her ARTIST’S WAY book, said that those who buy lots of books, have an author that is crying to get out.  What do you surround yourself with?

Big Hug!  Sharon

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