Little One

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”  

As I write, I am referring to a specific “small mind”; I affectionately call her “Little One”.  Little One is my fearful inner-child, and has lived on my left shoulder for as long as I can remember.  Fearfully, she nags me with negativity.  Often, when I start to take a leap of faith and do a “grand” new thing, I will hear her small voice say something like this:  “What are you thinking?  You can’t do that, you’ll fail!”  

I’ve always thought that everyone has a saboteur, or small mind, in their head or on their shoulder.  Last week, while in Las Vegas, I was having a drink with my friend, Katya.  We talked about success, and I mentioned my little voice.  Her reply stopped me, as she shared that the voice in her head encourages her to believe in herself and just do it!  Katya, herself, was the one who was fearful.  

Do you ever get so wrapped up in our own head, that you think everyone is just like you?  Yep, guilty as charged.  

Here’s a few questions to ponder:  
Are you aware of an inner voice?  
If you are, do you acknowledge; ignore; give in; or challenge it to a fight?
What do you call your inner voice; does it have a name?
Is its purpose to encourage or discourage you?  

xo Sharon