What’s it all about?

Have you ever wondered; wondered about life, and “the big picture.”

When we were little kids, we wondered.  We wondered a lot!  Back then, we looked up to our parents, teachers, and sometimes even our friend’s parents to tell us the truth when we asked, “What’s it all about.”

Then we got a little older, we became teenagers.  We were in High School, and of course we had the answer:  “It’s all about ME!”

In our late 20’s and 30’s, most of us were too darned busy to wonder.  We were probably in college, getting married, raising kids, or starting careers.

Between 40 and through the 50’s, there was a feeling of some discontent about reality; and how fast time was passing.  Wondering was not just about “what’s it all about,” but more like “Why am I here?”

I am not sure about the 70’s, I still have 9 more years before I reach it.  I can tell you, though, when I turned 60, I settled in a bit and looked back with gratitude over my life. I realized, “I’m still here, healthy, full of laughter, and believe that the best is yet to come.  My greatest accomplishment is still in me, and realizing my dreams is still attainable.”

“This is it, friends,” I’d better get a move-on.

Love, Sharon