“Discipline”; most of us rebelled against it since childhood…being “disciplined”, as a child, meant getting into trouble with parents, teachers, etc. and suffering consequences.  But, what happened when we grew up?  Now, disciplinary action can still come from bosses, law enforcement, and Uncle Sam.  We can never fully escape it.

I write a “daily” spark blog, and I’m looking at the word, “discipline” in a completely different light.  The fact is, If I dream of being a faithful blogger that imparts and reinforces bits of insight and inspiration for myself and others, then I must choose disciplined action in my blogging.  (I admire Seth Godin, he began blogging when blogging was just starting, and he has been a consistent, daily blogger for about 7-8 years now).

What do you want, or dream of that will need discipline?  Are you willing to be consistent and disciplined?  If you let yourself down, would you consider self-forgiveness and find the motivation to just get going again?  True accountability is between you, and you.

Have a great weekend, Sharon