I am realistic

I believe in miracles!  I expect, accept and appreciate every large and small miracle.

Every time I pick up my paint brush or palette knife, and touch paint to the canvas, I expect a miracle.  

I’m fearless in my painting!  The times that I “screw it up”, I expect an idea to come into my mind, that will breathe life back into the canvas, often using the “mistake” to build more depth and character.   (Sounds a bit like life, eh?)

Deep within me, I believe that everything’s a miracle, absolutely everything!  My art is a way for me to colorfully, passionately and creatively take part with the world around me.   
Not “feeling it”?  Perhaps you could begin with one small thing in your life; something that is very dear to you.  Be Fearless, expect unlimited miracles, never give up the believing that you are powerful beyond measure!

Thumbs up!  Sharon