Is this YOU?

The complete question is:  “Are you creative?”  

Based on your answer, it might be interesting, AND CREATIVE, to think about this list and then rank them:  “how do they fit you; what’s the most important in fueling your creativity; is one more frustrating to those around you; which one are you most proud of, or which characteristic is the most challenging for you?   

Many of the 12 points sound rather “childish”, don’t they?…but, is that really a “bad thing”?

Most artists, that have expressed their thoughts about creativity, are quoted.  Today, you can easily find these quotes on the Internet.  One of my favorites is, “The creative adult is the child who survived”.  (I think it’s probably a condensed version of a quote by Picasso).  This is a common opinion by artists, and other creatives.  Unfortunately for some, creativity was lost, or buried, between infancy and adulthood.  

For me, when I am my most creative self I feel energized, happy, even silly.  When painting, I like to experiment with unconventional tools.  Bright colors, primary and secondary, are my favorites.  I love eccentric, colorful people, who don’t always follow the rules.  Alas, although I really dislike rules, I’ve learned to follow most of them.  

How about you?

Hugs, Sharon