Try new things!

(A follow-up to yesterday’s blog)  Somewhere around 6:00 AM I found myself, but just to be sure I stayed in bed until 6:30.  

The highlight of my busy day yesterday, was a two-hour demonstration at “Jerry’s Artarama”.  Michele Theberge, a skilled and passionate artist, demonstrated many of the techniques you can do by using “Liquitex” acrylic products.

I sat in the front row, center…..Lyle sat in the back row, end.  (yes, opposites really do attract).  We both came away enthusiastic about experimenting with some new ideas.  

So, the question arises in me, “Why don’t we all try new things as the norm, not as the exception?”

In order to unleash my full potential, I must push past the fear to try new things.  “EXPERIMENT”, as Cole Porter suggested in his lyrics.  I  don’t think that fear is always about what others might think, often it’s about the fear of failure and of letting myself down.  

So, let’s all agree to lighten up!  Today is Thursday, most of us have a weekend that we can use to stretch out of our comfort zone, our norm, experimenting with new ideas and goals to unleash our full potential.  

High Five!  Sharon