How was your day?

How was your day?

Mine was FULL!  First, a two-hour “Liquitex” presentation at “Jerry’s Artarama”, followed by doctor’s appointments (for hubby and me), grocery shopping, a quick sandwich wrap from “Sprouts”.  After that, we looked at RV’s. (my husband is contemplating trading in our gas RV and switching back to diesel)

Now, it is almost 6:30 PM, and I am wondering where the creative me has gone.  Today I also brought home six large, square canvases, and some great new ideas from “Liquitex”.  In addition, I received a much-anticipated package in the mail to test a new art project.  Currently, too scattered and exhausted to even clean off the dining room table.

So, if you should spot a harried red-head, mumbling something about her next art project, would you please bring me home?

Until tomorrow, as I may have just heard a margarita calling my name!

Love, Sharon!