Courage to Begin Again

from World English Dictionary
courage  — n

1- the power or quality of dealing with or facing danger, fear, pain, etc
2- the courage of one’s convictions  the confidence to act in accordance with one’s beliefs
3- take one’s courage in both hands  to nerve oneself to perform an action

I’m a new blogger; “Daily Spark” was first shared just over 2 months ago.  Since I am new, my readership is small.  Actually, I only know of one, maybe two people, who were reading it every day.  No, that is not why I stopped; I actually believe bloggers write as much for them, as they do for others.

So why did I stop writing?  Lame excuse:  My husband and I traveled to South Dakota for a month and I fell right off the consistency train, I lost my routine; “mojo”.   It’s been darn hard for me to gather myself and “begin again”…even my regular habit of “self talk” hasn’t helped me resume my beloved blog.

Then, yesterday, I had lunch with a friend of mine. (one of my two readers).  She told me how she’s missed the blog, and that she actually looked forward to it.  It’s amazing to me this morning, to realize her comments could be so powerful as to catapult me back into action.  She may be only one person, but she is important to me.

You might ask, “Why does this take courage?”  As with most things in life, we are all afraid of failure at some level.  So it’s taking a bit of courage to begin again, believing in my commitment to consistency, by a re-commitment to daily blogs.

By the way, be kind to yourself!  If there’s something you started, and stopped, something of value that you miss.  No better time than now to step out and “begin again”.     Love, Sharon