Just say “NO”!

Hello to YOU and Saturday!  

I’ve missed blogging!   

New blog writers may think “blogging” is done for “the audience”.  I am finding that it’s also a fantastic way to connect with myself. 

Lyle and I will be leaving for home on Monday.  We’ve had a great time in Rapid City, but I am ready to get back home.   So daily blogging will be a really great treat for me, in a week or so!

I’ve painted a lot while in visiting in South Dakota this Summer.  You wouldn’t think I could get 11 acrylic paintings done in this little RV, 2 dogs and my hubby…..but I did!  Hip Hooray!

While painting, I have experienced a few perfect brush strokes, when both my intuition and passion align.  I’ve spread breath-taking color across my canvas, and placed in just the perfect spot.  So now, let me ask you, “Why in the heck would I take a chance and try to make it better”? 

A lesson learned while painting is also fundamental in life:  Learn when to stop!  Life is a wonderful, serendipitous, and joyful gift; but, if you push it too far it can also lose its joy, its spontaneity.

How many times in your life have you wished you’d said NO, or STOP, or it’s good just as it is?  AND then……pushed “the envelope”?  Particularly in speaking to others.  I know I’ve said things, walked away, and wished I’d never opened my mouth!  Not necessarily hurtful things (but that does apply here, too), sometimes just STUPID things.  How about, “Wow, you look great!”…”So when is the baby due?”  (uh oh, not pregnant, huh?)…..or just the times you speak without thinking and would have looked much more educated if you’d just shook your head, or perhaps, just listened?

I know, sometimes it is right to continue to work on certain things, just “know when to say no”.  I have a painting, drying now, that I pushed.  It is sitting in the corner, headless, waiting for me to get another burst of inspiration.  Hopefully, I won’t screw it up again.  LOL

Hugs, Sharon