Fri – Roaming with Buffalo

Custer Park Wildlife Loop, SD, USA
I have not given up on blogging, in fact, I really miss the daily thought process and sharing.
We have been traveling.  Internet connections are slow or even non-existent, so to avoid frustration in the midst of creativity, I decided to give it a rest until I return home next month.
Back to nature:  to have a Buffalo Bull come up to your window is a thrill, a dangerous one, and I was able to close the car window before he actually got in my face.  They are massive beasts, powerful and unpredictable.  Driving through Custer Park, particularly the wildlife loop, is something both Lyle and I enjoy very much!
To date, we have seen buffalo, pronghorn antelope, deer, donkeys, hawk, a painted turtle, robins, goldfinch, chipmunk, up close and personal, in the wild.  The goats, Black Angus, and sheep are plentiful on local ranches.
We’ve rock hunted at Fairburn Agate Field, (now, I need to get my rock tumbler going this Fall), and saw an amazing rose quartz formation against the mountainside up in the Black Hills.  On this trip, we even saw Mount Rushmore from a different angle.
Soon we will be returning home to Arizona; wouldn’t want to miss out on August, the hottest month of the year.
Love, Sharon