Sun – Just say NO!

For those of you who know me, my glass is always full, or at least, half-full.  I’m a positive person.  (we’ll get to today’s photo in a minute.)  

Negativity rears its ugly head to challenge all of us; at times it seems to “attack us” from all directions.  

Negativity can begin slowly, like a percolator (you can sense the simmer and bubble in your stomach); it will ooze, gurgle, and finally pour itself out, spoiling all of our joy and sparkle.  It is even more dangerous, If we feel “righteous indignation”, we might even “join forces” with it, for a time. 

Please stop; we have a choice!  When I “choose” to return to uplifting thoughts (even one small piece of positivity) it works like an anchor, keeping my inner balance (peace of mind) safe and intact.  If, instead, I let the negativity get the best of me, I can quickly enter a dark storm of emotional and spiritual disaster.  

They say “The Truth Shall Set You Free”:  My personal challenge unveils itself through this cute image.  To be frank, I don’t like pictures of me anymore.  Clearly, (after seeing my most recent photo), I know, I DO NOT LOOK LIKE “THAT”!    LOL

So won’t you join me in my treasure hunt:  Let’s all seek and then delightfully discover the precious little pieces of positivity that will magically lift us out of negative zones.  

Love, Sharon