Fri – Clear The Way

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Today, I am reflecting on a post I wrote about a month ago, before my “other website” crashed and died.

I was in the process of creating a “fool-proof” plan to re-awaken my inner artist, and intuitive self.  Part of this magnificent plan was to get up early every day, between 4:30 and 5:00 AM; read from a little book by Pema Chodron and focus on one worthy thought from one of her cards; followed by a time of quiet reflection.  I would then read THE ARTIST’S WAY creed.  (as suggested by author, Julia Cameron), prior to writing three spontaneous pages (affectionately called:  “Morning Pages”).  Quite a plan, my chest even puffs up a bit as I write this.

Well, I failed! …..  I broke a big promise to myself ….. OH NO! ….. and I beat myself up pretty bad! ….. “Can’t I do anything right?”

It’s funny, since then, there’s been other mornings when I missed it, you know “the mark”.  For instance, today, when my eyes opened at 7:30 AM,  I stretched and said to myself, “START WHERE YOU ARE”;  Focus on NOW!

When step back from my self-created drama, breath, I become very receptive.  It’s at those times that my “guiding spirit” gifts me with synchronicity; inner nudges that whisper:  “YAY, Sharon!  Right On!”  Perhaps it is a simple coincidence, but in Sharon’s World, serendipity is greeting with childlike acceptance.  I am so grateful for these miraculous moments of heightened sensitivity!

Please, don’t be so hard on yourself!  If you screw up, let it go, stand up tall….. love yourself anyway, and get on with it, THE NOW!  It’s all we really have anyway. (besides if you’re beating yourself up, someone else is gonna a bit of the action, too…..)