Thu – Monkey See, Monkey Do

Today I found these three,  timeless, monkeys:  “See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil”.

My mother used to play this simple little game with me.  We’d do the three hand gestures, and say the words together.  (I told you, it was very simple, and we did it over and over, again).  I was just a little girl and I thought it was all about playing; she was teaching me how to live.

Her Mother, My Grandmother, always said: “You’ll catch more bees with honey, than vinegar.”  (Grandma always said “bees”, not “flies”)  Grandma was amazing, I’ cannot recall a time when she said a negative word about anyone, honest!  She was a wonderful human being.

We’ve all payed entirely too much attention to someone’s mistake, or listened to opinions that don’t lift us up; and then, “Heaven Forbid” we repeat this stuff like well-trained parrots.

The best news is, every day there’s an opportunity to change for the better.  Even a small step in the “right direction”, multiplied by others, can create change we’ll all be proud of….and I am not monkeying around when I tell you about this awesome bonus:  You’ll be a much happier person, too…

High Five!  Sharon