Wed – Inspiration

Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us; especially artists, writers, musicians, speakers, teachers, creatives… have a can of inspiration on the shelf, just for emergencies?

Perhaps I am a lucky one, as I’m inspired much of the time; it just doesn’t take much to excite me!  Perhaps that’s because years ago I began to acknowledge, and have fun with, the child (“little one”) in me and I let her out a lot!

Things that move me:  beautiful or touching photographs, blasts of cobalt blue, silly thoughts, the hummingbird outside my window, the colors I post every day on my facebook page.  If that fails, I always have Google, and I can almost always find inspiration there.

But, when inspiration is in short supply, when I am “spent”, tired, just shut down, feeling like the creative universe has given me “notice”;  It’s a sign to take a break, go walking, nap, play a few tunes on my harmonica, re-adjust my routine, sometimes I just choose not to enter my art room for 24 hours.

Once I let go and stop resisting, feeling frustrated by the temporary loss of fresh ideas, the creative “vessel” miraculously beings to fill itself again with new and fresh ideas.

So, I have concluded that during these times of creative drought, I need to “back off”; be gentle with myself, and respect the creative process; knowing that inspiration will return, bringing with it delightful moments of serendipity and bursts of creativity.

xo Sharon