Tue – It’s Right To Write

I’ve considered writing a “blog” for at least five years.  Seth Godin, well-known author and founder of Squidoo, blogged even before blogging was cool (more than 7 years); I also recall a 2009 movie, “Julie and Julia”.  It was about a young woman who decided to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s cook book, and blogged daily about her experiences.  Julie’s process was exciting to watch, and the movie was very good!

I’m finding that blogging is acting as my teacher.  When I taught classes, (paper arts, and metaphysics) I consistently learned more than my students.  After all, there was the research, preparation, on-the-spot answering of questions, I was always fine-tuning my knowledge of the subjects.

I started blogging because I wanted to spark others to ponder an idea, or connect with some piece of “me” that I have shared.  Blogging is requiring my commitment, discipline, exploration and creativity.  It’s become a living journal, and the act of writing literally “digs in and pulls out” personal insight and “gut feelings”.

Here’s another insight from this new blogger:  almost no one is reading my blog….(just like Julie, in the movie).  At least for now, at the beginning….I will continue to follow my heart; if “Daily Spark” survives these early days and months, then maybe I’ve got something here.  ( :

xo sharon

PS:  Excellent Book for creatives…..”morning pages” a way to unblock!