Mon – Actions Speak

I paid a much-needed visit to my friend, and hair-stylist, today; thankfully, she “washed the grey right out-a my hair”….

As always, we conversed, sharing what was going on in our busy lives.  Today, we also talked about how we might be able to save the world from itself…..(tongue in cheek).

The tag line, at the end of today’s conversation went something like this:  take responsibility for ourselves, by living our lives so loud, that no one needs to listen to our words!  (frankly, no one really wants to listen anyway!)

Positive change begins one person at a time.  I sometimes feel small, too minuscule to create major change all by myself…but together, I know we can do great things; it starts with you and me.  Am I authentic? Am I who I say I am?

Wait, let’s not get on a guilt trip, or start defending ourselves; life is about progress…perfection is “out there” somewhere, but progress…’s do-able and worthwhile; and it’s a darned good feeling to look back and notice where we’ve come from!

Here’s to PROGRESS,  xoSharon