Sat – Grateful Heart

Would you consider joining me in spreading a worldwide virus?

Although the steps are quite simple, I feel compelled to warn you:  This virus has the potential of being highly contagious, and  spreading to everyone it comes in contact with!

The Preparation:
1.  When you wake up, let your first thoughts be of gratitude; Be thankful, for anyone, or anything!  (even if at first, you have to “work at it”.)

2.  Who are you grateful for; and who’s the first person that came to mind?

The Virus:
1.  Write a short, but heart-felt thank you card to this person; address, stamp and mail it.  (I have an easy way method, if you’re interested)

2.  Do not question who deserves to get this “virus”, just share it, one-a-day.

3.  Repeat the next morning; and the next; one day at a time.

As I began to contemplate today’s spark, the lyrics to a classic rock song kept running through my head:  “Easy to be Hard” (Three Dog Night); at some point, I replaced the word “hard”, with “soft”; pliable, flexible, forgiving…

The process of gratitude makes it almost impossible for a hardened heart, an unforgiving spirit or a depressed state of mind to exist.  Reaching in, to a place of gratitude; then sending out your gratitude, not only feels good, it spreads!

I am thankful for you, and you, and you!  Sharon