Tue – Immersion

When’s the last time you immersed yourself in creativity?  WHAT?  You’re not an artist, writer, author, actor, or musician?  (deep breath); WE ARE ALL CREATIVE!

Do you find new ways of doing things; have you planned a vacation or a day in town; how about a “date night”; are you a parent and have found ways to motivate your child; an employee that “thinks out of the box”; have you ever planted a garden?

Please don’t underestimate yourself, or your inherent creativity, …WE ARE ALL CREATIVE! . . . (Sometimes just getting dressed in the morning is pretty darned creative!  I often do it six different times before I find that “perfect” thing I want to wear.)  ( :


One thought on “Tue – Immersion”

  1. Putting a little thought on this subject, I have realized that it is true, we all are creative! Some times, you let disappointment to take over and you put your creativity in a box an lock it. But like you said, life is so short, and there is so much potential that we all have and we do impact each others life. I am going to unlock that box and free my creativity!
    “Why a child is always happy? because everything is possible, fun and full of wonder, they don’t want to even sleep, they do not want to miss anything, life is great”
    What is that you always wanted to do as a child? I is never to late!

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