Mon – the Child Who Survived

Every day, on my facebook page… “Creative Juice” …  I post color families to stimulate the creative spirit in each of us.

On “Wowzer Wednesday” rainbow-colored art and pictures jump and dance their way to the site.  There’s just something magical about these basic color combinations, like our first box of crayons, childlike, these basic colors relate will to the creative child in us.
The other six days; filled with other “families”, all quite magnificent, but none fuels the creative fire in me like primary and secondary color!  RED, BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN & ORANGE

What colors resonate with you, with which colors do you feel “connected”?  As an artist, I love all the many colors of the spectrum, I can’t “help myself”….it feels as necessary as breathing, it’s energizing and emotional.


One thought on “Mon – the Child Who Survived”

  1. It is incredible, I can not stop reading, I don’t want to miss anything, I got behind, but I’m catching up.. I want to say something about every of your writings.
    I came to the realization that the little girl in me is so alive! Most of my life has been ruled but that little one, but now I’m present, I have showed up in my life and understand that I HAVE the control of my life, there is no body to blame anymore of the outcomes of my decisions, I am responsible and I am the architect of my destiny, she is always with me, and I do love to play have fun and enjoy life, with out making it complicated. With wonder like a little girl. My favorite colors, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW. In that order.

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