Sun – Never Give Up

Ira Glass

I’ve read that passion, in your chosen work, will keep you motivated; after the track you’ve planned, and laid down for yourself;  That your single-eyed focus, will almost guarantee that you will realize your dreams.

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” 

Doesn’t it seem easier for some, than others?  I’ve never figured out why it’s so “simple” but not so easy, and at times darned difficult.

Frankly, I’ve started fabulous projects, and then, just stopped.  “Start – stop, start – stop…..start – stop…..”  It’s only been within the past few years that I have forgiven myself for “letting myself down”.  Forgiveness, instead of beating myself up for not “following through”; eeeEEW!…those words are so bitter.

“Follow-through”…Like me, have you been scorched by those two little words?  Have you been “found out” or “nabbed” by forces unexpected?  Either through comments from those who matter most to you or by self-flagellation

I say, matey, Get On With It.  Today’s a new day, seize it…never give up on your dream, and never give in to defeat.

HIgh Five!  Sharon