Sat – the Long Way

   I took one look at this picture, very early this morning, and while laughing, the thought came to me.  “Wow, this is so human nature, and bears a certain resemblance to me”

How many times have I taken the “long way”.  Whether it was my stubbornness, ignorance, pre-occupation, or how about this one: righteousness?  I’ve made things hard for myself, and that often spills over, making it hard on someone else, usually your “significant other.”

We all carry a lot of “baggage” around.  Most of us have heard that term; but if you haven’t, I don’t mean airport baggage, suitcases, your purse or briefcase….I’m referring to emotional baggage.

Taking “the long way” around can make things unnecessarily difficult or complicated; we aren’t as happy as we could be.  By the time we finally “get it” destruction may be all around.

Holding grudges is a good one!  We might hold one a grudge for a long time.  Why would we do that?  Because we know they were, really wrong.  What I’ve learned is this:  I just wasted 10 years because I was “right”.  Now, how much better off am I, and do they even care, is this person even alive?

All that negativity swims around in us; it keeps us edgy and defensive.  Ok, not every moment, but it seeps in, quietly and the next thing you know, you’re dumping all over someone who (unknowingly) pushed your big, red, DON’T TOUCH button.

So, I’ve been practicing forgiveness for a few years now.  To help you a bit, start with baby steps.  Find one good thing about that person, or situation, only one, then focus on that when the memory bubbles up in you.  It really has worked wonders throughout my life, it’s especially helpful for those “on-the-job”.

Hugs, Sharon