Fri – Smarty Pants

Tigger bounced right out of facebook, this morning, while I was thinking of serious things.

The Free Dictionary says that immaturity is “evidencing lack of experience of life, or the state of not being ripe”.  

How dare they!  I have plenty of life experience and some might say I am fast approaching the age of “ripeness”.

For Pete’s sake, I don’t laugh when someone dies, take my clothes off in public, or dance on the table when visiting a library, but….

….It’s impossible to make too many funny faces for my grandchildren, and I’ve ever laughed too much.  I still love to fold paper, and tickle the feet of my unsuspecting victims.

There’s a precious, and immature, little girl in me.  I call this pony-tailed wonder “Little One”, I don’t “play” without her.

  Life is short, please have some fun!  Don’t be afraid to be “immature”, remember that little child in you is creative, funny, joyful, forgiving, filled with energy, and a buried treasure for each and every mature adult.

Love, Sharon