Thu – Come Alive!

I used to think about all the ways that I could help others; I became a volunteer, a counselor, a teacher, a healer, a light worker and a minister.  Today, after a lifetime of reaching out, I’ve continued to wonder, “How can I make a difference?”  This has been a burning question, and it is my heart, and not my head, that found an answer. 

Some months ago, I made a commitment to spend time with myself, nurturing, loving and forgiving everything that came to light.  This ongoing process is creating more tolerance,  and peace, within me.  Finding value in myself naturally flows out, adding more value to the world around me.  If the world needs more love, I must love myself more, I simply cannot give what I do not have.

If you’ve been a passenger in a plane, you’ve heard something like this just before take-off: 

If there is a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling.  Take your mask and put it around your face and begin breathing, then attend to small children or those around you“. 

Seriously, if I can’t breath, how in the world can I be of any service to anyone.

I’ve accepted the responsibility to heal myself, and step-by-step, silence the voice that was used to “blame” the world, and “the powers that be” for circumstances beyond my control.  One person may not be able to save the world, it’s hunger, it’s raging….but as each one person chooses to love and forgive themselves, then they will naturally love and forgive the shortcomings in the world around us, and the world can heal.  The world needs people to “come alive”. 

“If we cannot do great things,we can do small things in a great way”.  mother teresa 

Love, Sharon