Wed – The Best Times

Today is my birthday, I’m 61…..which is actually 7 if you add the two digits together; since “7” is a lucky number, I choose 7!  

I think this affirmation by Louise Hay is a really good one. Especially today, because it’s only natural that I’d decide to make the rest of my life “the best of my life” on my birthday.  (New Years Eve would be excellent also, in the form of a resolution). 

Over the years, I’ve been pretty good at reminding myself that each day is new; “Carpe Diem”; “I AM a magnet for prosperity”; “I AM open to new ideas”. It all sounds wonderful, or does it? I thought so, until last year when I had an epiphany!

A life-long believer and teacher of positive thinking, affirmations, treasure mapping (image boards), I thought I was doing well…..then I realized (figuratively speaking, a bolt of lightning knocked me off my pedestal), that my affirmations had become mechanical, lacking feeling and conviction, just words;  I wasn’t digesting the words, but swallowing them whole and wondering why it wasn’t changing anything.  I felt stuck. 

Today, I still choose the words (and/or pictures) consciously, but now I don’t stop there; I create a sacred space for them, write them down, chew them thoroughly in mediation, so the best parts become nutrition for my soul, then follow-up with gentle reminders.

One more foundational thought: A shift of consciousness or vibrational shift, includes a heavy dose of tolerance and forgiveness of my own shortcomings. One thing I have learned for sure, in the past 6+1 years, is that unless I’m right with me I can’t possibly be right with you.

Love, Sharon

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  1. You inspire me momma! I feel connected with you and your discoveries =]
    I know you touch, move and inspire a lot of people, including me!

    I love you! your website is great.

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