Tue – Insanity

“Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein

Last summer (Aug 27, ’11) Lyle and I were doing taxes.  My job was to gather receipts and track expenditures, showing him where the monies went for two businesses.  To be frank, both businesses were mistakes, and both had left a “bitter taste in my mouth.”

Mortified by the time I got through this very personal, heart-wrenching process with him.  I’d completely beat myself up about it, and had become my own worst enemy.  Lyle never even got angry or placed blame.

Having gathered “all the evidence,” Lyle returned to his office.  As the front door closed, I quickly ran to our bedroom, and bed.  Landing face down, I buried my face and my sobbing, into a pillow.  After a few minutes, desperate to feel better, I got up and reached for my “Medicine Cards”…Native American inspiration and symbols.  I strained to see the cards in front of me, as I prayerfully chose one.  The Coyote card!!  Enter Wile E!
As I began to read, I became receptive; understanding, and forgiving as a pattern unfolded.  Yes, I was “guilty” of doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results; tricking myself into believing “it will be different the next time.”

For me, this was a powerful, life changing event.  We all get into the Wile E Coyote consciousness…..we are foiled by the Road Runner, over and over again.  The simplicity of this image was healing, as the light of realization  turned on.  Call it by whatever name, but Spirit speaks through unlimited sources; the challenge, always, is to stay open and receptive.