Sun – StrivingTo Be More

I AM just striving to be more than I have ever been!

I will be 61 years old in 3 more days.  That, alone, is an eye-opener.  Like many, I wonder where all the years have gone, and how did they get behind me so darned fast?

Some of the years I have been very gracious about aging, other years, not so much.

The voice inside my head keeps repeating, “If YOU are to do anything in this lifetime that will “make a difference” YOU best get busy girl!  …..then visions of “Whistler’s Mother” come to mind.  At that point I usually laugh at myself! 

But, seriously, how can I BE MORE?  Here’s what I believe today:  I am more by being more to others, and yet, I can only be more to others by being more to myself.  So that’s what I am doing.  Confused? I was too, initially, then I understood: We can’t give what we don’t have.

Love, Sharon