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In the early spring of 2012, I decided to take a “sabbatical” from my active schedule of network marketing and community memberships.  May 5, 2012, after about 16 years absence, I reestablished my art studio, and then I returned to painting.  By the end of last year, I felt that it was “time” to consider putting many of my experiences in writing.

I sincerely hope, that by sharing my own personal journey, I may reach, teach, and comfort others.  Writing, particularly in a “how to” fashion, has the potential to help many and may reach far beyond my small desert community.

You will find each of my books on Amazon’s Kindle “Direct Publishing”; and in printed form.  The first book is black and white, but the second, and third books are in color.  By clicking on the book covers, below, you’ll be re-directed to the Kindle site. 

Each of these book is now available on Amazon, but I will be redesigning and updating some of the images and the information in each of them.


Kindle Bk 1

In my first book, (link above), I provided a step-by-step system to help others become more intuitive, or psychically sensitive.  The progressive techniques I’ve explained within have the potential to not only heighten your psychic awareness, they will also give a general, and improved well-being.

BookCover2 300dpi

My second book, (link above), written about my first series of six acrylic paintings, along with corresponding, channeled verses.  It’s my belief that they were inspired by an energy aptly named, “The Givers”.  In 2012, while painting, my awareness shifted to a subtle creative and loving energy, one might liken it to spirit guides.  They gently nudged and guided me throughout the painting, and then immediately after completing the art, I transcribed “their words”.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 7.06.55 PM

I wrote the following book (link above) after experimenting with many techniques that I might use to feature my artwork in jewelry.  After many trials and errors, I decided to try 2-part resin.  My first experience was expensive and messy, and I decided right then, that if I ever “got it right” I was going to write a book to help others have a “NO-FAIL” resin experience.

Why Resin Jewelry?   Resin was a fun way for me to showcase my art in miniature; and it worked wonderfully with my daughter-in-law’s “MyCafeArt” business; imagine adorable charms like, cup and saucers, lemon slices, spoons, and other precious accents added to the jewelry.  

IMG_2311I’ve used resin to protect and feature photos of  loved ones, pets, friends, and even those who may have passed from our sight.  What a wonderful memorial.

My daughter superimposed my grandmother above my Mom and I, (image. left), it’s become one of my favorite pictures.  What a loving idea for a pendant, or other jewelry piece;  it would be cherished forever.

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