My Happy Place

Welcome to ARTwithVISION .  I hope that you’ll enjoy the photos of my expressionistic and visionary art, and the other interests included here.  ♥ Sharon


A strong sense of “divine timing” prompted me to return to my psychic practice.  Particularly at this time, I’m feeling that the more people who learn to apply their natural gifts of psychic intuition, the more people in the world will come together to feel the love, joy and acceptance.  It really is a beautiful thing!    

The Psychic Creativity website, and our retail outlet, focus on providing tools and education to help anyone who’s ready to begin cultivating their natural-born ability to connect intuitively with others, in business and in the world around them. 


Please visit our store:  Arizona Warm Glow.  You’ll find my original art for sale, gemstone beads, crystal quartz points, clear/amethyst/citrine quartz, handcrafted incense burners, incense, hand painted miniature clay vessels with fragrance oil to wear or place at your altar. 



VIDA is a fun, creative opportunity where I can feature my original art on clothing and home decorator items.  If you’d like to see one of my designs on a VIDA product, please email me.  I won’t lie, it’s exciting to see my art on shirts, tote bags, scarves, wall decorations, pillows and more.  Just click on the VIDA image, you’ll be redirected to their website.

A slide show of some of my VIDA products:

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